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I’m Liz Taylor – better known as the far less glamorous Emma. I’m a 23 year old wardrobe supervisor who has (surprise, surprise)  always had a passion for clothing and costumes.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve been acting, singing, dancing and dressing up, and at some point in my teens I realized I really loved costumes. My favorite part of doing a performance was getting my costume – I loved creating a character through cloth, weaving their story through the fabric I wore. I’m something of a history nerd, and seeing how clothes can function as historical and social documents has always fascinated me. Costume creates these worlds we love to live in, from the wind-swept hills of Westeros to the fast-paced, action filled worlds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’ve been writing bits and pieces for myself for years, and having gone freelance earlier in the year, I finally have the time to formalise my thought and ramblings, and share them with all the other costume lovers out there. (and all the people I’m going to pester on Facebook for likes.)

I’ve been a freelancer since January 2017, and it’s been fun, exciting, challenging, stressful, and everything in between. But I’ve always loved writing; so here I am, another form of procrastination!

I hope you enjoy reading the ramblings of this 23 year old womanchild, who will always kind of wish she lived in the 18th Century (minus the beheadings).

Liz xo